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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yea! I am done with my shows !!

Jumping up and down here! I am all done for this year with craft shows! They were all down this year in sales but I still did pretty good for the economy being so bad around here! I am gonna take a break till Christmas is over and then start crafting again for my spring showsÜ.
Thanksgiving Day was super! I cooked for the whole family (16) and we all ate till we were stuffed, then friday they all came back and we ate again! Can you believe I still have a little bit of left overs yet!
5 of my grandkids stayed over Saturday night to go to church with us on Sunday, and I just laid them all out on the floor in a row. Here is picture of them all sleeping, they look so innocent like little angels!

They are all growing up so darn fast, We were blessed with triplets and 4 days after they were born we were blessed with another grandbaby, so 4 of them are the same age (6) and the one on the end is 4.!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snow Buddies pattern is done!

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These little guys are so precious! Easy to make and assemble. Instructions to make the shovel and ...

Price: US$7.50

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Monday, November 9, 2009


I am so excited about these little snowmen I created! I brought these little trinket boxes and wondered what I was gonna do with them and then I got inspired!! All weekend I have been making snowmen ornies and didn't really like them because something was missing, then I glanced at the little boxes I brought and I knew what these little snowmen needed. I changed them a little and put them on top of these boxes and then my creative juices went from there! I have so many ideas running through my head on what to place in their hands but I wanted to show you some now that I made.

So what do you think?
I am just about done writing up the pattern too so I will post that too when I am done.
The Snowmen are listed on etsy.