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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Almost to 100

WooHoo I am almost to 100 followers!  If I get that by March 1, remember ....I will add another prize to my GIVEAWAY!  Maybe I will go over 100!
I have been laid up with my back for almost a week and I actually think I am getting stir crazy being in the house. I haven't been out since last monday. I have tried to do some sewing but I can't sit too long at the sewing machine. It is that time again for me too start getting inventory made for my spring craft shows so hopefully the pain down my legs and butt starts going away soon.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Selling blog

I have been trying to set-up a selling blog. It is challenging  to me because I am a little bit  computer illerate. I do know some stuff but not everything and then I get "senior moments" and I just have to stop and walk away from it. I will keep trying though! If you get a chance go check it out   any advice or information on how to do this  ,I would greatly appreciate! and I am all by myself there...I need followers:)
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day after.... and Giveaway!

Well it is the day after the SUPER BOWL and I am sad that my team didn't win but....Congratulations to the other team. We didn't go to any parties but we did eat alot during the game! I stuffed 2 dolls and hubby sat there yelling at the TV.  I am sad because when the steelers win I sell lots of purses, wallets, and dolls dressed in stellers dresses! Oh well :( now on to my Giveaway!

Sign up for the sitting Bunny with his egg is from now till
 March 1,2011 
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3.If you would post about
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Due to the cost of shipping this is for US and Canada only.
 I would love to reach 100 followers by then and if I do I will add something else to the giveaway!