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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This is a busy day for most of us . Dinner is all prepared and in the oven, and the goody bags for my grandkids are all filled. Was gonna hide eggs outside for them but it is raining  so just added eggs in their bags with money in them :)
Got to go and get ready for Church to celebrate the Risen Lord!!

(\(\ ░░░░(\(\░░░░░(\(\░░░░░(\(\
( -.-) ░░░( -.-)░░░░( -.-)░░░░( -.-)
(,(")(") ░░(,(")(") ░░(,(")(") ░░(,(")(") xxx


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love having Company!

My best friends  came to visit my hubby and I for the weekend and we had a nice time eating out and just visiting and talking  all weekend long. It was a nice 3 days.!
I am doing TERRIBLE on my weight watchers diet! I can't get started. Everyday I say "this is it" but I eat all of the wrong things before the day is over and now it is starting to depress me:( If you would please say a prayer for me.
I have a craft show this coming saturday and I have some last minute items to finish up  I do work pretty good under pressure when I am running out of time so tomorrow will be a sewing day all day!