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Monday, March 29, 2010

Craft shows are almost over

Hi  I have been busy with craft shows! I have done 3 already for spring and I have 1 more to get ready for, which is the one I love doing!! It is in a old barn andall I have to do for this one is take my items to the barn and give them a inventory of what I have and they do all of the work! I will take pictures of the barn and post them when it is time cause you won't believe how beautiful and cozy the barn looks when they are all done decorating it with all of the crafters items!
The first 3 shows were great! Dolls were flying off the shelf and so was easter items. I almost sold out of my electric candles so now I am hustleing to restock them.  The economy is still bad here but I was surprized people were buying!! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Show for Spring 2010

My first show is this Saturday. I have been sewing dolls, pillows, painting , and making electric candles and I think I am ready!!
I asked for permission from Renae at My Little Raggedy Blessings to use her great vintage graphics she makes  for some pillows and she said yes and I want to show you a couple of them
I love them!

This is a new show for me so I hope it is worth my while! You never know if a show will be good or not.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

41 Years ago!!

I can't believe on March 7th, I will be married to the the greatest guy  I know for 41 years!!
It sure dosen't seem that long and I am so blessed to have him. We do everything together and he even goes to all of my craft shows and helps me set up and he is such a good sells person that he even sells more than I do! He is a keeper for sure!! Love ya Duff!
Snow is starting to melt around here and I can actually see some of my grass in the backyard! Spring is just around the corner and it will be so nice to see the flower buds start to poke thru the ground. We usually open up our camp the beginning of April but they have had more snow than we have and you can't even drive into the place so even though I am anxious to get there we have to wait till the roads get opened.