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Monday, May 24, 2010

Where does the time go???

It just seems that I updated my blog just too notice it as been awhile! My mom always said that the older you get the days just fly by and I never thought that was possible but.......guess what... she was right!
I want to thank everyone that has e-mailed me and posted about drawing  the differant faces for a doll. I didn't think I 'd get as many e-mails as I did!
I picked up my craft inventory from the barn last week and I was thrilled that alot of dolls and electric candles sold there. I really love that show now I can't wait till the Christmas show to be here. Better start crafting early for that one.
This weekend will be the first craft-flea market at our camp for this year and I have been going thru dolls that I don't take to shows anymore. I mark them down a little bit just to get the dolls adopted:) they can't be orphans forever! I also am making some summer scents electric candles for this weekend. My favorite one is Orange dreamsickle and I also like cucmber melon for summer.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Craft Show at the Barn

Last weekend and this weekend is the big craft show at the barn that is so unique! I love doing this one. All I do is drop my crafts off and Julie and her husband decorates this old time barn with antiques, and arranges everyones crafts around the barn! I tried to take some pictures but they were so busy when I went it was hard to take them.  People everywhere!! I saw 2 people while I was there carrying my dolls around to purchase and I was excited about that!! When the show is over they will total everything I sold and they take a percentage and pack up all of my items and call me and I will pick up my money and my stuff!! They do it all! Hope I sell lots:)
I have been getting ready for a show at my camp over Memorial Day weekend. Making Bear wreaths, dolls,and electric candles.
Can you believe it will soon be that time of the year?
My grandkids will be soon out of school for the summer and we still havew to level up the swimming pool so they can swim but hubby said it will be done so I shouldn't worry but I am until it is all done!