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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday blues!!

I spent 3 hours on the phone with a verizon tech yesterday trying to get my internet service working! and she couldn't get me on line! We had a power outage the night before and I lost my service, she had me trying everything to get back online. I kept telling her I just hooked up a new modem for the service and didn't I need to run the software for it? No No No she said I already had software on my computer for a modem...yes BUT FOR THE OLD ONE! I hung up so disgusted cause I wasn't online and we all know how computer withdraws can be! I thought to myself I am gonna try and do this myself , well as you all can see I am back! Now that I am a happy camper again LOL I have lots to do today.  I am working on bunnies and shamrock wall hangings with a crow on it. The bunny is what I have decided to be my first giveaway prize so as soon as I am finished with it I will post about it. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creating again!

It feels so good to be designing and creating again! I just finished my 1st pattern for 2011 and I wanted to share her with you. I dressed her in a red print, perfect for Valentines Day but...she can be dressed in any color for all year round display. If you are interested in this dollie pattern I placed a paypal buy me button on the side.
I am also making something for a giveaway that I will be posting soon about. I am excited because it is my first giveaway!
My son is back home in Brazil now and I miss him already. We had a lovely visit and he said he will be back soon. Wish we could go there...right now it is 90 degrees and there carnival will be starting soon.  Carnival there is like New Orleans Mardi Gra! They dance, sing, and party for days in the streets all day and niight.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Wonderful Visit! Happy New Year

My Happy New Year  everyone!
Our Brazilian son and wife are still here and we are having a wonderful visit! Shopping and going to see Pittsburgh in all of its glory with light displays and gingerbread houses displays was fantastic!! I am going to miss them when they leave on monday:(.
I am so ready though to start sewing and designing again:) that is one thing I am "itching" to do. and I am gonna have my First giveaway for 2011, details will come next week  so check back towards the end of the week.