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Friday, December 14, 2012


I have been so busy that I just checked in to my blog and noticed Oct. 30th was the last time I updated it! Wholesale orders, etsy orders and craft shows are all done...yippee!!!I Now it is only a week and a half before Christmas and I am starting to look thru my spring patterns!
I am taking a little break though from sewing and started playing around with making bracelets. Over the years I have brought some supplies here and there and I now have enough to actually make stuff with, I will have to take some pictures of the bracelets I am playing with I think they are pretty darn nice if I must say so myself. I think I will take them down to my Beauty Shop and see if any ones buys them, hey I can give it a try! Well I am off to take a nice relaxing bath and go to bed, my pillow is calling me..LOL