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Monday, May 24, 2010

Where does the time go???

It just seems that I updated my blog just too notice it as been awhile! My mom always said that the older you get the days just fly by and I never thought that was possible but.......guess what... she was right!
I want to thank everyone that has e-mailed me and posted about drawing  the differant faces for a doll. I didn't think I 'd get as many e-mails as I did!
I picked up my craft inventory from the barn last week and I was thrilled that alot of dolls and electric candles sold there. I really love that show now I can't wait till the Christmas show to be here. Better start crafting early for that one.
This weekend will be the first craft-flea market at our camp for this year and I have been going thru dolls that I don't take to shows anymore. I mark them down a little bit just to get the dolls adopted:) they can't be orphans forever! I also am making some summer scents electric candles for this weekend. My favorite one is Orange dreamsickle and I also like cucmber melon for summer.

1 comment:

  1. love the new look, I know about time slipping away LOL I knew that it would this week so I put my grunge mix in the refriderator, hubby opened it up hopeing to find something good to eat when he said ewwww what is this!LOL