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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love having Company!

My best friends  came to visit my hubby and I for the weekend and we had a nice time eating out and just visiting and talking  all weekend long. It was a nice 3 days.!
I am doing TERRIBLE on my weight watchers diet! I can't get started. Everyday I say "this is it" but I eat all of the wrong things before the day is over and now it is starting to depress me:( If you would please say a prayer for me.
I have a craft show this coming saturday and I have some last minute items to finish up  I do work pretty good under pressure when I am running out of time so tomorrow will be a sewing day all day!


  1. your creations are all so very lovely.....and you may not be ready with family, company and the show coming up to start your diet.....give yourself a lil lee-way.

  2. Hi Marie - glad you had a wonderful weekend with your friends!
    I will say some prayers for both you and me! I gave up on diets - I can't stick to them. I do try to cut down on portion size but I'm still big as a barn.
    Hope you have tons of sales at your craft show!

  3. Summer makes it so much easier to get moving and motivated...with anything! Don't give up - you can do it - hope your show prep is going well ~*~Lisa