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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Almost to 100

WooHoo I am almost to 100 followers!  If I get that by March 1, remember ....I will add another prize to my GIVEAWAY!  Maybe I will go over 100!
I have been laid up with my back for almost a week and I actually think I am getting stir crazy being in the house. I haven't been out since last monday. I have tried to do some sewing but I can't sit too long at the sewing machine. It is that time again for me too start getting inventory made for my spring craft shows so hopefully the pain down my legs and butt starts going away soon.
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  1. Man! Back pain is the worst. I have a temporary back ache from moving furniture around but I know it will get better real soon. I will add you to my prayers. It is h*** to be unable to craft!

  2. So sorry your back is giving you problems, nothing worse and it restricts your activity so much. Just take it easy and rest and I hope you're feeling better soon. On a brighter note, congratulations on your followers, I see you are at 97, only 3 more to go!! Deb

  3. Hi Marie!!!

    You made it to 100!!!! Good for you!

    Sure hope your back is feeling better real soon!!! Nothing more miserable!!!