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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am still here!

Wow what a crazy two weeks have been. My BIL is in the hospital with Pherivial Artery Disease all through him! He has had 1 surgery already, they put a plastic vein in his upper right leg, trying to get the blood down to his foot. He has gangrene in his toes and will lose all of his toes. I have been trying to be here for support for my sister and John. Knowing he has more surgery to go through is hard please I ask you all to pray for him.
I am still crafting in between the days that I don't go down to the hospital. My Melting snowmen I was working on turned out so nice!
I have 5 of these guys done. My neighbors all think I am crazy cause I had them all out in the sun to dry and it was 86 degrees out!

I also made some dollies using Cindy's pattern The cupcake dolls.
These are pretty good sellers for me and I think they are adorable! I will have them listed on my website soon Http:// so if you are interested check them out!


  1. HI, I love the wonder he is is SUMMERTIME!
    AND I love those dolls.....when you decide to sell wholesale please let me know. I would love to have your creations in our shop!
    I will keep you BIL in my prayers.
    Take care.

  2. Love that snowman Marie - and the mini dollies are too cute!!!

  3. Thank you for signing my blog,. I love meeting other blogers.

  4. Just darling that snowman is and how wonderful he didn't melt in all that heat...LOL! Those dollies are adorable too! God bless.



  5. Love that snowman! Hope your bil has a successful surgery, Valerie