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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Humidity is awful!

After the winter we had I am not complaining about the tempature but the humidity here is a killer! I have COPD and it is hard to breathe in this humidity!
4th of July weekend is over and we had a nice family get together at camp. Everyone was there and the kids had a blast, swimming, biking, and playing with their cousins. The fireworks this year wasn't that great but we watched them anyhow. I also think to myself the money they spend on fireworks and to see them go up in smoke is terrible:(  I almost sound like a fireworks scrooze huh !!
Started sewing for my fall shows, and got some pumpkins made and witches. I still got to go through my inventory of fall items put away to see what I actually need to make more of. Maybe tomorrow I will do that if I get ambitious to pull out my inventory in the cellar.

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