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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Naked doll bodies everywhere!

I have naked doll bodies all over my dining room table and on my coffee table! Maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to sew  and get some of them dressed.  Still trying to get a decent inventory build up for my fall and winter shows and I think of something I want to make and instead of finishing what I already started I go ahead and make another doll! 
We didn't get to go to camp this weekend because my DIL had surgery on friday and I am keeping the kids here  so she dosen't have to bother with them. They have been so good for me but I know they are wanting their mommy.
I am counting down to our vacation 41 days!!!!!! I can't wait to see my best girlfriend and spend 7 days on the beach! We have been going to Mrtyle Beach for 29 years and I love it! September is a perfect time to go because most of the tourist is gone and kids are back in school and the beach is pretty much deserted!
my carpal tunnel in my wrists have been giving me trouble big time! It wakes me up at night and I can't lift anything without wanting to screem! Anyone have any suggestion for a remedey???

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  1. Oh Marie, I'm sorry to hear your wrists are causing you pain. Include vitamin B especially vitamin B6 in your diet. Avoid packaged foods because it contains tartrazine which interferes with vitamin B6. Check out this link for remedies.