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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Craft Show Season is Here!

Set up tonight for my craft show this weekend! I am hoping this is as good as it was last year! I have new raggedies,wreaths, halloween items, purses, electric candles, and I started making tarts. I will take a picture tomorrow of my set-up and post it. The weather tomorrow is suppose to be nice and they always have a nice crowd.....keeping my fingers crossed!
I have been sewing for weeks and I am not ready for my other shows. Trying to have a nice inventory because for one of my shows I don't need to be there, just drop off my crafts and they do all of the rest, so I booked another show the same time as that one, looks like there will be lots of late nights trying to get done.
We are going on vacation  to Mrtyle Beach too this week and I plan on taking some crafts with me to work on . We have been going there every year since 1981 and we love it. My best girlfriend moved there and when we get together it is like we have never been apart. Can't wait to see her.


  1. Hey mawmaw! My inlaws have been going to Myrtle Beach like you too. Matter of fact that's where they are this weekend. Family tradition... it's great! Happy sales!

  2. Hope you have a really great craft show Marie!!
    Have a safe and fun vacation in Myrtle Beach!!

  3. Good luck at your show. I know the excitement of the first show of the season. My first is in 2 weeks.

    I'd love to hear more about the show that you just drop things off because I've been co-hosting such a show for 23 years now. I'd just like some new ideas to help my exhibitors have the best experience they can.

  4. thinking of you, Hope you have a GREAT weekend with lots of sales at your show. Gee I miss doing them I have got to get back into the show bracket next year
    anyway have FUN