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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am so excited!

We have hosted  AFS students from Brazil and Germany and we keep in touch with Otavio from Brazil.  He just called and he and his wife is coming for Christmas to stay with us!!! I am so excited!!!! We have accepted him just like our own son and the memories of him being here for a year back in 1990 is just like it was yesterday!  I can't wait!
I am working on more crafts for craft shows. I have everything done for the shows that all I had to do was drop off my inventory to the people and they set it up and take care of everything. I hope all of the hard work makes it worth while.
Prim Mart Ezshoppes is having their Christmas craft show starting Nov. 3 to the 17th  and I have a small booth there . If you would like to check it out my link is

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  1. ohh that does sound exciting! best wishes on your show, I'm getting ready for one as well