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Friday, September 30, 2011

Home from Vacation

Well we are back to reality. We had a wonderful time on vacation with our friends, staying in a beach house in Myrtle Beach. The first week was beautiful. Weather was perfect then came a cold spell and rain off and on the second week. We saw dolphins every day and thrusday before we left there were at least 40 dolphuns in a group jumping all around and we figured they may have been heading for warmer waters for the winter. It was great seeing them. I got a picture of 1 of them, it is not real clear but if you look you will see the fin in the picture.
I done something to my knee and leg over the labor day weekend and I was hoping it wouldn't lay me up doing stuff on vacation but it did.  I love walking on the beach with my friends but I couldn't which bummed me out . It is still hurting and it keeps me up all night long, I have so much to do too get ready for all of my shows  that are coming up for fall and Christmas but trying to get up the steps to my craft room is challengeing. Maybe I will have my hubby bring my sewing machine down in the kitchen tomorrow so I can get to work!

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