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Friday, November 4, 2011

This is crazy!

When did blogger change? One minute my blog looks normal then I check it again and the colors are goofy!! Guess I have to ask someone to help me change the layout and design cause I can't figure it out. So I apolozie for the look of my blog till I get some help.
Well I have all of my inventory done for my shows! Yippee!! I have sewed, stuffed so many snowmen and dolls that I need a break now . Three inventory's for three differant shows that are going on at the same time is alot!.I finished up making electric candles and tarts today and my house sure smells yummy.
Grandkids were here today, they didn't have school. It was nice, they are old enough to entertain themselves so watching them is easy!

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  1. my bloger went crazy wehn I ahd to put my tower in the shop, not sure what they did but it keeps saying java script void & I can't fix it nor make a post through blogger so I now use windows live writer it's a free download & will pop up post this is's easier & a lot faster thna blogger you don't have to pull pic's up etc from files you can just copy/paste right into the post is just one of the features it does , glad you got your inventory done, seems like mines just starting & my 2 day show is in 6 days lol