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Monday, July 6, 2009

Craft Show was great!

We had a beautiful weekend over the 4th of July. My craft show on Saturday was great! The economy wasn't effective at Big Bear Lake W.V. I was really surprized and thrilled√ú My son and I made poppers for kids and we sold out of them now we have to sit and make some more to be ready for the next show! My purses sold well, and wreaths and electric candles were selling good too.

I had a house full spending the weekend and we cooked over the open fire barbecue chicken, cheeseburgers, and mountain pies. The grandkids played all day and saturday night right before the fireworks 2 of them actually fell asleep sitting on our laps and missed everything.


  1. So glad you did well Marie and had a nice time too! I have a show on Saturday........hope the weather is nice and the crowd is BIG!!!

  2. Hi Marie
    Glad you had a successful show!