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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where is my Craft Room?

I have a craft room and can't find it! There is material and little pieces of thread and spanish moss all over the floor! My table is clutter with items I am painting for a craft show and I honestly don't have a open space on it! Anyone want to come and help me? Here is some items I have put together.


  1. What great wreaths/signs Marie!!!
    I haven't forgotten about you - every time I think about calling you - it's usually dinner time and I don't want to disrupt your meal, lol.
    It's hard to call during the day cuz of the grandkids - you know, you've heard 'em, LOL
    Don't be surprised if you get a call tonight or tomorrow ;) I know, you'll believe it when you get the call.


  2. Cute wreaths Marie!!! I have my own messy craft room to clean up or I would come and help you!!!

  3. Sounds like you've been working out of my craft room!