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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Years in a row!

We are so excited our son and DIL are coming again for Christmas from Brazil! They arrive Monday the 19th and will stay till the 29th. Barbara loves to shop here because things are way cheaper here than in Brazil.Last year they had to buy 2 extra big suitcases to go home  LOL  I wonder if that will be the case this year.
Santa  will make a surprize visit friday night here for my grandkids, every year my daughter hosted the surprize visit and the kiddos started to expect it but this year we changed the house to mine and they will be so surprized!

I finished up the last of my orders to ship out today. I sold 24 Snowman toppers this year, which was a blessing!Here is a picture of the cute topper.
My house is all decorated and I have 5 trees this year! I have been inPrim Marts ornie swap ever since they started , which was at least the 2004 so I have plenty of ornies to decorate with and I love it! I have taken pictures but they aren't that good but I will post them anyway


  1. That is great your son and DIL are able to come home for Christmas again!

    Great pictures of your home with the trees! Handmade ornaments are such treasures!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. How wonderful that your son and DIL are coming home for Christmas Marie!

    I LOVE your fireplace and decorations - everything looks beautiful!

    Merry Christmas!