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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wonderful holiday!

Well Christmas was here and gone already and I am sitting here wondering why we all fuss so much over the Holidays. We had a great Christmas Eve and a great Christmas Day. Church was awesome and singing the Christmas carols really made me feel good.
Otavio,  Barbara  and Carrie went shopping today at Tanger Outlet and oh my gosh Barbara brought 30 purses to take back to Brazil! They need to get another big suitcase for all of the stuff they brought!
I was having sewing withdrawals but was happy today when I got 2 orders for dolls! I couldn't wait to start on them! I was in seventh heaven in my craft room today!
Otavio and Barbara leaves thrusday, wish they could stay longer but I am so glad they came for 10 days. Having skype on the computer and being able to talk to them so far away is wonderful. Helps with missing them till they come back home.


  1. So glad you had a nice Christmas. And glad your son and DIL were able to be home for the holidays. My daughter leaves tomorrow...she's been here for six days and flies back to Michigan tomorrow. I think once she leaves I'll be ready to take down the decorations! :) Hope you have a happy new year! ~~Annie

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