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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lots to do!

Geez it is so true that the older we get the faster the time goes. I am working on Bunnies for craft shows and trying to think of stuff to make for a show that is in May. It is for the first 2 weekends in May , so I what to have Mothers Day items and then I am gonna make American stuff for this show. Anyone have any ideas for stuff I can make ? 
I had a birthday this month and turned ___ ! Can't believe I am that old! They say it is only a No. but the sad thing is  my body feels that old!
I hate the new timeline profile on facebook! I sure hope they fix the jumping of the page that it is doing. I pull the page down with the mouse and before I can get to the bottom of the page it automatically jumps right back up to the top! The only thing I really do like is the bigger pictures it displays. Oh well we can complain but it dosen't do any good.:(
well I am off to go to the mall I still have some gift cards that I got for Christmas.

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  1. You have such cute raggedy hand mades! thanks for sharing your pdf patterns! I'm a new follower to you!